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the atom

The Atom.

First, let us re-cap what we already know for better understanding:

The atom, as we know it today, is a unit of matter, the smallest unit of an element, consisting of a dense, central, positively charged nucleus surrounded by a system of electrons, equal in number to the number of nuclear protons, the entire structure having an approximate diameter of 10 to the minus 8 centimeter and characteristically remaining undivided in chemical reactions except for limited removal, transfer, or exchange of certain electrons.

It was the Greek philosopher, Democritus,in 460 B.c. who is credited for the very first atom model. Indeed, a scientific model which nearly all elementary school students learn about even to this day.

It began when Democritus posed the question: If we break a stick or piece of metal (matter) in half, and then break it in half again, how many breaks will we have to make before we can break it no further? Democritus supposed the breaking in half would have to end at some point leaving only the smallest possible bit of matter.

He called these basic matter particles, atoms.

Today, it is a proven scientific fact at that all matter is made up of tiny atoms. This we all learned at an early school age.

We also learned, and Democritus didn't know at the time, the center (or Nucleus) of an atom is orbited by even smaller particles of matter: electrons,neutrons, and protons.

The energy that maintains their orbits is electromagnetism. Hence, atoms are tiny little magnetic particles.

If it were possible for a person to shrink down to the tiny size of an atom and take a closer look at one of these magnetic atoms, what they would see is a central nucleus with orbiting electrons,neutrons, and protons at a distance ranging from one mile away from the nucleus, to 1000's miles away! Indeed, an atom is similar to that of a miniature solar system with a Sun and it's orbiting planets.

The only thing holding the smaller particles in their constant, stable orbits around the nucleus is the intense magnetic field which surrounds the entire atomic solar system itself.

The atom, as we now know, consists mostly of totally empty space!

But Here is What you Didn't Know

Democritus was correct.
His supposition that, by continually breaking a piece of matter in half, it would evenually conclude with the tiniest piece of matter.... so tiny it could no longer be broken in half.

In fact, the limit as to how small a piece of matter can possibly get is 10 to the minus thirty-five centimeters. Any matter which is smaller than 10 to the minus thirty-five centimeters can not be measured by any known laws of physics! Physics becomes totally useless beyond that point. Physicists refer to this state as a "state of non-localitity." What this means is, the whereabouts of the tiny piece of matter in question, can no longer be located because it is virtually everywhere at the same time! It has no specific locality.

'Time'Also Has It's Smallest Limits

The study and science of time measurement is called horology.

When time is calculated to it's absolute smallest measurement; 10 to the minus forty-three seconds, it too becomes unreachable by physics, converting to a state of nonlocality... everywhere at the same exact instant.

So What's The Point of All This?

Everything in the entire universe is finite...including Space, Time Mass, and Energy. Everything in the natural universe has been perfectly designed, constructed, and arranged in a specific order. And all the atoms which are clumped together and appear to be solid, we call those clums matter. And every clump of matter is held in it's place by a universal glue called electromagnetism.

Absolutely nothing in the entire universe could have possibly been constucted by a freak, cosmic explosion like the one evolution occultist like to refer to as a "big bang." It simply could not have happen that way.

One of the most recent and startling discoveries for the cosmologist community came with the announcment,everything within the confines of our vast universe is finite, having a beginning and an end.

This knee-jerking news was contrdictory to the infinite universe they had all grown to love and admire over the decades.

Along with the discovery of a finite universe, it's was also learned, our finite universe is shaped very much like that of a soccer ball. Or, more accurately,it's shaped like a dodecahedron, a 12-sided volume bounded by pentagons. Another knee-jerk discovery.(read more here...)

Indeed, the very universe we live in is finite, constructed entirely of tiny atoms which can be manipulated and re-organized by adding heat and magnetism. This is exciting news for Christians. This new discovery lends magnificent credibility to the Bible scripture:

Isaiah 40:22

"[It is] he that sitteth upon the circle of the earth, and the inhabitants thereof [are] as grasshoppers; that stretcheth out the heavens as a curtain, and spreadeth them out as a tent to dwell in:"

And then there is:

Job 26:7

"He stretcheth out the north over the empty place, [and] hangeth the earth upon nothing."

One can't help thinking, perhaps the cosmologist community should begin all their reseach projects by first reading what the Holy Bible has to offer them. What should be blindingly apparent to all science disciplines is, reading the Bible can save them decades...if not centuries... of hard work and trial and error experimentation.

Contained in those two short Bible passage above; Isaiah explains that the Earth is round and that the universe can be "streched out like a curtain." (indeed, plasma can be stetched). Job teaches us, the Earth hangs "upon nothing"...the same Laws of gravity which took scientists several centuries to finally discover on their own. Indeed, no science project should ever begin without first consulting the Holy Bible.

In fact, that's exactly what the earlier scientist,(I.e. Kepler, Newton, and Galileo) did...studied the Bible. Scientists were mostly Christians in the past. And it was their understanding of the Bible that help them make such remarkable scientific discoveries so notable even today. And it is their scientific contrabutions which maintain their popularity to this day!

And that is precisely the point here! The Bible is full of scientific answers for those who can put aside their self-admiring arrogance and pre-concieved prejudices long enough to actually read it and learn.

If we honestly wish to understand how something works, read the owner's manual. The Bible is full of answers to the questions man has regarding our universe!

The Cosmic Glue: Electromagnatism

Gazing out into the vastness of the universe, we see magnificient galaxies, stars, planets,colorful cosmic gases, comets, etc. We see trillions of atoms clumped together into what are conceptually understood as objects of solid matter, all just hanging out there, suspended in what appears to be empty space. But our conceptions are decieving.

What we are really seeing is electrically charged materials called, Plasma. It isn't solid matter at all.It only looks solid.

Back in elementary school science class, we learned there are three states of matter: solid, liquid, and gas. But there is in reality a forth state which we were not taught: Plasma.

When steam (gas) is super heated, it thus becomes electrically charges Plasma. Plasma, therefore, is super-heated gas that becomes electrified, charged particles of atomic matter...or ionozed particles. When those tiny ionized particles are all clumped together, we see them as a solid mass.

A great many of us have actually seen plasma but didn't know what we were looking at. Looking northward into the night sky, we can observe the brilliant luminescence of the Aurora borealis. That glow we see lighting up the night sky is caused by electrically charges particles within our atmosphere being energized (ionized) by the Sun's energy. The Aurora Borealis is plasma.

The entire universe is filled with it.

Everything in the universe is made up of ionized, atomic particles, without which we would not be able to see any galaxies, stars or colorful cosmic gas clouds at all.The sky would be totally black.

And, without which the science community would not be able to argue whether or not their so called "dark matter" really exists . What the scientists are calling "dark matter" is in reality invisible plasma. Plasma has nothing to do with gravity or invisable solid masses of matter commonly refered to as, "Dark Matter." Dark matter, incidentally, doesn't really exist.

Studying the universe, comologists noticed what they consider is a big problem. The galaxies are neither flying away from the center of the universe at the speed of light...nor are they all speeding towards a catastrophic, head-on collusion at the center of the universe. But rather, the universe as a whole is entirely too stable. Calculating all the visible mass in the universe, and comparing those figures with the amount of gravitational energy (mass) it would take to maintain such stability, the figures just don't add up. The total mass is too tiny. All the galaxies should be flying away from each other at nearly the speed of light. According to the official calculations, the universe is missing about 90% of the necessary mass (gravity) needed to maintain the stability we are witnessing. How it that possible? The cosmologists had to devise an answer...quick.

The cosmological community, deparately needing an explanation that would account for that 90% missing matter in the universe, conjured up "dark matter" as the stablizing force in the universe. They knew the missing matter (gravity) must to be out there somewhere, they just couldn't see it. Hence the name, "dark matter."

But notwithstanding,to coin an old adage...the cosmologist are barking up the wrong tree. "Dark matter" is a fluke,..a cover story made up out of desparation. It simply doesn't exist.

In reality,however, it isn't matter (dark or otherwise), nor gravity that the cosmologists need to be searching for to find answers. But rather,it's dark plasma they need to find.

Gravity (mass) only attracts; pulling in one direction only. Adding 90% more mass (gravity) to the universe would only serve to increase the overall gravity to the point where all the galaxies and nebulae would ultimately come crashing in on themselves somewhere near the center of the universe. But massive attraction isn't what were seeing. The universe is stable. In contrast to gravity, electromagnatism (plasma) tends to push AND pull...just like any magnet does. Since all atoms are held together with elecromagnetic glue,it only stands to reason the entire universe is also held together with the same bonding substance...I.e., Plasma.

When and Wherever there is electricity, there is always electromanatism and plasma. One doesn't not exist without the others

exactly How Strong is this Cosmic Glue?

If we strike downward with a hammer onto a wooden table top, the resounding blow would indicate, both the table and hammer are made of solid masses. In reality,however, both the hammer and the table are made up of about ten percent solid materials and 90% empty space!The "solidness" of those objects lies in the strength of their magnetism,the glue that binds all their atoms together.

It is the bonding strength of their magnetic glue that makes the hammer and table only seem "solid. " Since the magnetic glue holding the wooden table together is weaker than that of the hammer, the table seems softer, or less solid, than the hammer.

Everything in the world around us...trees, ships, buildings, your computer, even your body....everything is no more "solid" matter (albeit designed with far more complexity), than the people,landscapes,and objects one might find on a Star Trek Holodeck.

A hologram (holodeck) is nothing more than an arragngement of electricly charged protons designed and arranged in such a way as to make them seem "solid." In essencs, we....you and I,... are plasma-generated hologram characters, living in a light-manipulated simulation which we refer to as our universe!

Knowing this, we now have a glimpse into how Jesus is able to transform and transport all the Chistians in a mere "twinkling of an eye." He will probably use electromagnetism to do it. What a Glorious Day That will Be Too!

Christ alone is in total control of every single atom within our holo-universe. Including us!

For those who love science, and the Bible, as much as I do, below is a video presentation featuring Dr. Chuck Missler, explaining everything we just discussed...and much, much more.

Dr. Chuck Missler is a devout Christian minister with an extensive background in science and Mathematics. His "science behind the Bible" video presentation is well worth watching! So enjoy!

creation vs evolution

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